Simple. Compact. Effective.

Stick Talons

Simple, quiet and effective way to carry your climbing sticks attached to your stand. No more straps or bungee cords. Stick Talons give you the ability to easily attach 4 climbing sticks to your stand allowing you to ascend a tree and pull the sticks off of the stand as you climb.

Simple bolt-on design allows for quick installs and removals. All metal brackets are covered in stealth strip to ensure zero contact noise.

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“I rely on mobility, speed and quietness for my style of hunting. I don’t have much time to hunt so I’m very aggressive and always on the move. My go to set up is a stand an stick combo but I’ve never been happy with the way they connect. It is cumbersome and takes considerable time assembling, disassembling and then ascending the tree. The stick talons really shortened my set up time! The also require much less movement and are very quiet. In fact, I was able to set up within 60 yards of this buck using my set up with the talons without him knowing. Great product and I definitely recommend if you are a mobile hunter.” ANDY MAY

Andy May on Wired to Hunt